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When I started this blog, I’d planned a series of posts giving my thoughts on the life cycle of a short story. The last post concluded that series so I’ve indexed them here. Meanwhile, I plan to keep the blog going for as long as people are looking at it and I can think of anything to say. I’ll be posting to the same schedule but changing the content:

Saturday hooptedoodle

With extra points for anyone who knows what a hooptedoodle is and where it came from. On Saturdays, I’ll be posting short prose passages reflecting whatever may have been going through my mind at the time. Some will be pure fiction. Some are things that happened. Some will be a mixture. I have no intention of saying which is which.

Wednesday pontification

I’ll continue posting articles that relate to writing, though they’ll be a bit more broad ranging than what I’ve written so far. Some will be on elements of writing that didn’t fit into the series. Some will be based around articles or commentaries that I think say something worth paying attention to. Other subjects will probably find their way in if they catch my attention. Any suggestions are welcome.

So without further ado, here’s this Saturday’s hooptedoodle:

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