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Solitary Search

It was the sheer beauty of the dawn that nearly drove me to despair. I’d fallen asleep inside a cloud as it faded from dark to light grey. If the dawn had been the reverse of the dusk, I’d have

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I’ve posted on receiving critiques, so it’s only fair to offer my tuppence worth on how to give them. As with a lot of areas of writing, different people have different approaches and I can only describe my own. Most

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Tea and Caviar

Mariam stood in the hall for a moment to assume a cheerful smile before she went into the living room. It was hard not to wrinkle her nose at the smell of tobacco, but the smokers among her ladies didn’t

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Greater minds: Alfred Hitchcock’s The Enjoyment of Fear

The next entry in the Greater Minds series is Alfred Hitchcock’s 1949 article, The Enjoyment of Fear: The-Enjoyment-of-Fear-by-Alfred-Hitchcock-Good-Housekeeping-Feb-1949-v-128-n-2. If clicking that link doesn’t bring up a PDF copy of it, this one should. Alfred Hitchcock was a man with a particular

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Stirling Rain

I flew through the dark beneath the Wallace Monument, my feet unmoving on the pedals while the wind at my back drove me forth. Stirling was behind the hill so the Victorian monstrosity of the monument hovered in electric light,

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The Cockburn Rules

Having pontificated about breaking rules last week, it’s only fair that I follow up by offering some rules to break. Searching for the positive When I started thinking about getting my stories published, I spent a lot of time poring

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Islands haunt my sleep. Sometimes they come during the day, so I can’t be sure if I live on the island beneath my feet or the ones in my dreams, nor whether my dreams are memories. Perhaps I imagined them

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The Rules and Creatively Breaking them

The rules of writing are a contentious concept. On the one hand, there is no definitive set of rules. On the other, there’s an enormous volume of advice and guidance that is often presented as canonical. There is a great

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Solstice Onions

Red onions, boiling potatoes, milk and a soul. Could that be right? Caroline went back over the cipher and couldn’t find a mistake. Where on earth was she going to find red onions in the half hour before midnight? She

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