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Seasons Greetings

Cockburn’s Eclectics is taking a festive break to gain weight. Normal service will be resumed in early January. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

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Character v Plot: A False Dichotomy

Spend any time around writers’ groups and there are certain conversations you can’t avoid having. Topping the list are debates over genre definitions, discussion of the comparative merits of traditional and self-publishing, and mystification about how certain authors have become

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Brocken Spectre

My boots carried me up the hill where I came face to face with myself. They sprinkled the dust of three continents up the Welsh hillside where I waited for myself. The sun did no more than warm my back

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Greater Minds: Elizabeth Gilbert on the Creative Genius

Elizabeth Gilbert is best known for Eat Pray Love  which, I’ll admit, I haven’t read. Successful as it is, it just doesn’t look like my kind of book and there’s more of my kind of books around than I’ll ever

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It was when Craig mentioned joined-up thinking that I started to get the headache. All we were doing was moving boxes from the storeroom to the shop floor. How much thinking did it need, and did it matter if we

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Inspirations: Who put Bella in the Wych Elm?

Like all the best mysteries, it started when four boys went trespassing in a private forest one night. When they came across a pollarded wych elm, the dense branches looked like a good place for bird nests so up climbed

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Introducing Inspirations

Inspirations is an occasional series that I’ll be running as part of the Wednesday Pontifications. The subjects won’t be strictly on the subject of writing, but the sort of things that inspire stories. The main criterion for inclusion is simply

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