Great Thoughts


Ben Didier (CC / Flickr)

We were talking about great thoughts.

“Einstein,” I said. “He had some, didn’t he?”

“Yeah, good one,” said Billy. “What were they?”

“Well, you know, physics and that. Space-time. Same thing, he said. Quantum stuff.”

“Yeah. Wow.” Billy sipped his beer. “So if I make some space in my glass, I’ll spend more time enjoying it?”


It didn’t sound quite right, but I couldn’t see what was wrong with it. It was already too late as quite a lot of space had appeared in his glass.

“That’s it,” I agreed.

“Who else, then?” he asked.

“Well, Darwin. Showed how we’re all descended from monkeys.”

“If that’s true,” said Billy, “how come my boss hasn’t descended? He was still up his tree when I knocked off this afternoon.”

I gave up. “My round, then.”

“Ah now, there’s a great thought.”

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