Voice on the London Underground


Chris Brown (CC / Flickr)

You walk home from the station? Twenty five minutes? That’s…wow. Well, I used to do that sort of thing. Of course. Didn’t used to be so, well, like this. Used to go to the gym every day. Well, maybe a couple times a week.  Would’ve been more but work…you know. Then I got sick. Don’t know what it was. Is. Doctor did a lot of tests but nothing came up. Tested everything but HIV. Said that was the one thing left to test. I said…whew…ha ha…not going there. Still tired. Sick a lot. Don’t know what it is.

Went back home last year. Had a great time. Really great time, you know? Yeah, I see you know. Met a few guys who went back. Not doing well, most of them. They just thought they’d go back and make millions. You can’t do that. Got to have a plan. Me, I’m doing fine here and I’ll stay here until I work something out. Got to have a plan in life.

Just wish I wasn’t so tired.

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