Brett McBain (CC / Flickr)

Joel sat down with a sigh.

Lisa muted the volume. “How was your day?”

Joel shrugged. “Not terrible. What’s on?”

“Not sure. I think I dozed off.”

On the screen, ragged children ran in front of corrugated iron shanties. Lisa turned the volume up.

“Twenty million people have died of HIV in Africa, leaving behind an unknown number of orphans…”

Joel groaned. “Change the channel, love.”

Lisa flicked from channel to channel. “It is upsetting, isn’t it? Not what you want at the end of the day.”

She paused at a black and white dog, yapping at them from behind a wire mesh grid.

The sound cut in. “…Abandoned dogs cared for by voluntary organisations…”

“Oh, that dog’s so sweet,” said Lisa.

“You’re right,” said Joel. “We should adopt one.”

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