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New Release: Under the Hooked Cross

The bad news is that the publisher who was selling my alternate history, Under the Hooked Cross, has vanished from the internet. The good news is that I’m re-releasing it myself. The even better news is that it will be

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I am sitting in a café, drinking coffee with my friends. “The milk’s cold”, says Millie. Barry rolls his eyes. “Look, I did my best. Getting the espresso machine to work flattened my battery.” “The coffee’s great, Barry.” I try

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Here is my interview with Tracie McBride

Originally posted on authorsinterviews:
Name Tracie McBride Age 47 Where are you from Born and raised in New Zealand, now living in Melbourne, Australia. A little about yourself `ie your education Family life etc  I live in Melbourne with my…

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Inspirations: The pitchfork murder

In 1945, Charles Walton was murdered with his own farming tools and pinned to the ground with a pitchfork. There are many rumours occult involvement, but no evidence. The prime suspect was his employer, Alfred Potter, but evidence was circumstantial.

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Cathedral White

The snow gave way, sinking me to my knees into an icy stream. It wasn’t my expletives that sent birds flying up from beneath the cliff the stream tumbled over. I wiped my eyes in case I’d frosted them with

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What is science fiction?

The term ‘science fiction’ originally described a body of literature that emerged in the early 20th Science fiction is characterised by settings in the future or on other worlds, or by extrapolation from current science. Science fiction is always presented

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Mountain Moves

Something in the stillness moved me. That wasn’t right. The point of climbing a mountain in the middle of the night was that mountains don’t move. Had I been contemplating so deeply that I was imagining things? That would be

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Measles on the March

Measles kills 400 people every day, and has returned to countries where it had been eradicated. The MMR vaccine is a safe and effective way of protecting children from measles. Studies in countries where MMR was discontinued prove there is

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Solar Impulse 2: Update

At 07:12 local time, Andre Borschberg took off from Abu Dhabi. In itself, there’s nothing remarkable about taking off from a busy airport. What is unusual is that his aircraft did not carry a single drop of fuel. As I

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Silence presses down on her tiny room as though the damp is soaking sound from the air. “Will you speak to me?” I try to keep my voice level. My only answer is a church bell striking midday. A shaft

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