The Prevaricator


Mark and Allegra Jaroski-Biava (CC / Flickr)

Of course I believe in free speech! It’s an absolute right.

Except…well, it shouldn’t offend anyone, should it? That’s not right. People should be respectful. If you say something that makes someone feel bad, there should be consequences. You can’t complain if you get what’s coming to you.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying anyone should be killed. I don’t believe in violence. But if you get a smack, you only have yourself to blame. It would be much easier if it just wasn’t allowed.

What shouldn’t be allowed?

Well, anything that might offend someone. Make them feel bad.

Like what you said to me.

No, no, of course you should be allowed to say what you want. But not that.

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