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Yesterday’s Words

The wonderful thing about black and white films is that without the distraction of colour, the dialogue is so much more memorable. Roland nursed the thought along with his whisky as he sat on a hotel barstool, letting the accents

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Greater Minds: Arthur C Clarke looks back

Arthur C Clarke wrote his Space Odyssey series between 1948 and 1997. Each sequel updated speculations on exobiology. HAL 9000 is a memorable character and a paradigm for contemporary discussions of artificial intelligence. We have not explored the solar system

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Why am I telling you this? You think it’s because I want you to know, but you haven’t thought about why that would matter to me. I could live out my entire life without your knowing anything about it and

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How I write: Fantasy

Fantasy has many subgenres, the commonest being epic and urban. Fantasy tropes can be deconstructed and subverted while retaining the power that made them tropes. The reader of a fantasy story will assume anything is possible unless shown it isn’t.

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For Alice

When the phone rings at three in the morning, it isn’t to bring good news. That’s why Celia’s first waking emotion was fear. Celia preferred hearing the worst to dreading the worst, so she had the phone to her ear

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Greater Minds: Amy Tan asks where does creativity hide?

How does an idea come into existence? Does creativity spring from an inability to repress associations? Can we glean ideas from a constant flow of information? We simultaneously hate and are fascinated by moral ambiguity. Amy Tan’s first novel, The

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If you really knew me, you’d know better than to say that. Why? I’ll explain why. Where do you think you’re going? Sit down and listen. You see, you’re telling me I should like U2 more than Dire Straits and

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Inspirations: Does believing in a just world make the world less just?

People who believe the world is inherently just are likely to blame victims for their victimhood. The same people act to help victims when they can. Believing the world is just may help people to rationalise suffering they cannot alleviate.

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Foreclosure was published in Apex #73 today. One of the many nice things about Apex is that they put most of their stories on their website, and the full text of Foreclosure is available here. Many thanks to editors Jason

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