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Inspirations: Lies and how to spot them

Deception is an essential part of social interaction. People are detect lies better when they cannot see body language. Understanding what gives away a lie may help people to lie better. Fictional characters are more realistic when they are as

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The Members’ Lounge

“Are you enjoying your sandwich?” Catriona looked up at the patrician baritone. “Very much. It’s er…I’m sorry…?” “James Arbuthnot-Rhys. I must say, the taxpayer gets their money’s worth when they subsidise the tuck. It’s excellent. May I join you?” “I,

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Recommended blog: Cat Hellisen on rejection

Following her earlier post on submitting stories, Cat Hellisen has followed up with a post on the usual outcome of submitting: rejection. It’s a rare author who gets published without collecting a lot of rejections on the way, so it’s

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Greater Minds: Why George Orwell Wrote

Orwell wrote Why I Write just before starting work on 1984. He said a writer’s motives come from their early development. He listed four reasons for writing: egoism, aestheticism, historical impulse and political purpose. Orwell likened the struggle of writing

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Recommended blog: Cat Hellisen on submission

For anyone interested in getting short fiction into the science fiction, fantasy and horror markets, it’s worth a look at what Cat Hellisen has just said about it on her blog. I can’t reblog it so I’ll have to make

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The Bankers’ Barista

The masters of the universe arrive at quarter to midday. Sharp suits, shined shoes and greying hair coiffed for girlfriends rather than wives. The men who moved millions this morning have come for their cappuccinos. Karri takes their orders and

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Into the Kuiper Belt

In 1930, a young astronomer called Clyde Tombaugh noticed something moving across successive photographs of a starfield, and discovered Pluto. In 2006, 30g of Tombaugh’s ashes were loaded aboard NASA’s New Horizons probe before it blasted off for Pluto. Yesterday,

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Fractal tension over the red line

Today’s pontification, Fractal Tension, is posted as a guest blog at The Red Line. It’s well worth a look around The Red Line, home of short stories from around the world. Many thanks to the Red Line crew for the

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Europa’s Debtor

“I don’t care if you’re a Greek god. You had your fun and now you owe me for it. Come out of there or I’ll…” Europa looked around the dining hall of Olympus. It was more spartan than she’d expected.

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How I write: Historical fiction

Historical stories are born of interest in a particular time and place. Story-specific research is necessary as the story develops. Details of the setting and dialogue make a story feel authentic, but overdoing it will lose the reader. Period-specific objects

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