Giveaway: Spookmoth

MandaCoverThe kindle edition of Spookmoth can be downloaded for free from Amazon until Saturday:


Industrial spying was never one of Carl McTeague’s aspirations but with the Pacific states seceding from a drought-crippled USA, he has to take any job he can get. He was recruited for his expertise in turning insects into reconnaissance drones, which leaves him much more comfortable with a pair of forceps and a graphene chip than with a spy’s tradecraft. It’s all he can do to remember his cover name.

With the certainties he grew up with blowing in the dust of the Arizona desert, he needs to stay focused if he wants a life worth living. Unfortunately, his crash course in the art of espionage didn’t prepare him for the woman who is about to knock his drink over.

Spookmoth was first published in Wicked Words 1 but alas, Wicked Words is with us no longer. I’ve now republished it as a freestanding kindle edition. The giveaway lasts until Saturday, after which Spookmoth will cost 99c, or whatever Amazon thinks is your local equivalent.

It’s a fairly hard science fiction story set in the near future, and the author notes describe some of the science underlying it. Tomorrow’s pontification will go into one of the elements in more detail.

Many thanks to Manda Benson, who designed all the covers though I think she’s surpassed herself this time. As well as being an artist, Manda is a much underrated science fiction writer whose titles are well worth the pittance she asks for them.


Author notes

Wicked Words 1 on Goodreads

Spookmoth kindle edition on Goodreads

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