Wisdom of the Tiger


(Silviapef [CC / Flickr])

There was a tiger ahead of me. Between eighty-three and eighty-nine metres. I didn’t know how I recognised her as female, any more than I knew how I measured the distance. I was still learning my new self. Nor did I know how I could glide through thick bush without making a sound. I slid between branches and over dried leaves for as long as I avoided thinking about it.

At between forty-three and forty-five metres, the tiger’s breathing quickened. Perhaps she heard me, or perhaps the canopy admitted enough moonlight for her to see me. Tigers are good at seeing movement in the dark. Not as good as me. I saw her pad away as clearly as if it had been daylight. Even an apex predator knows when to give way.

Wise cat.

Wiser than you.

That was my first walk in the dark after my enhancement, and already the jungle knew its master. This is my latest walk in the dark, though it will not be my last.

The tiger stepped aside when I chanced upon her, so I left her to reign over what remained after I passed.

You are a different creature. I did not chance upon you. Your questions brought me to you. You lack the wisdom of the tiger, so here we are.

I am the answer to your questions.

I am also an end to them.

The only question that matters now is the one I now put to you. Shall I take the inquisitiveness you define yourself by from you, and give you something you don’t know you want in its place?

Or are we gonna do this the hard way?

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