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You’re looking for that final say of mine. You thought you’d found it already, didn’t you? Did sweat bead on your brow when you took this book off the shelf? Were your fingers trembling with anticipation as you opened these pages?

You’ve followed some hints I scattered on your way. Perhaps you got some help from some of the rumours that must be circulating about me by now. If you’re reading this, you’re the first to get this far. That’s worth some lukewarm congratulation: I saw worse.

How do I know you’re the first? If you’ve got this far, you’ll have some smattering of sense. Enough to know you can’t be my only pilgrim. Enough to gather up as many hints as you can and keep them to yourself. So if you’re reading this, I know I’ve seen worse.

Don’t get carried away with yourself. If you want what you’re looking for, you’ll need the words I left for you. You probably still think it’s mere words. You have a long way to go before you find out if you’re right.

I’ll give you this much: you’ve found the right library. All fifteen kilometres of shelves, unless it’s been extended since I wrote this.

I’m in here somewhere. Good luck finding me. You’ll need it.

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