Giveaway: Peppermint Tea in Electronic Limbo

Peppermint tea in electronic limboThe Kindle edition of Peppermint Tea in Electronic Limbo, along with five flash stories, can be downloaded for free until Saturday. Pick your Amazon Store:


Ray Marken is dying, so he doesn’t have much to lose by signing a contract with Afterlife Inc. He can see the door to his new life but first he has to pass the interview before he’ll be allowed to walk through it. As he sips his peppermint tea, he’s painfully conscious of what side of himself he’s allowing the interviewer to see. But is there something more? Something even he isn’t aware of?

Peppermint Tea could be described as post-singularity science fiction, as it takes place in a world where the boundaries between human and computer are breaking down. Tomorrow’s pontification will explore the concept in more detail.

Peppermint Tea was first published in the BramStoker Award nominated Qualia Nous last year, an anthology of science fiction horror stories featuring many of the great and the good of the genre. Two of its stories, The Vaporization Enthalpy of a Peculiar Pakistani Family by Usman T Malik and Ruminations by Rena Mason were jointly awarded the 2014 Bram Stoker Award for short fiction.

As ever, I owe a debt of thanks to Manda Benson for the cover and maintain that she is a sorely underrated science fiction writer.


Author notes

Qualia Nous on Goodreads

Peppermint Tea in Electronic Limbo Kindle edition on Goodreads

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