You won’t believe why scientists like this post

An interesting post by Matthew Wright on one of the many things that annoy me. I ran up against the peddlers of woo he describes when I was arguing with antivaxers a couple of months ago.

Matthew Wright

The latest wave of internet click-bait intrigues  me. Apparently there are things ‘scientists’ hate because they can’t explain them.

Pluto, taken with New Horizons' LORRI camera, 13 July 2015. Public domain, NASA/APL/SwRI You won’t believe that scientists took this photo! Yeah, sure it was by robot – but who built the robot and controlled it? Yah. Pluto, taken with New Horizons’ LORRI camera, 13 July 2015. Public domain, NASA/APL/SwRI

The supposition that ‘scientists’ validate themselves on complete literal knowledge and therefore ‘hate’ what they can’t explain plays on the needs of the credulous. Stupid scientists. It’s so easy to put them in their place. Quite.

The reality for ‘science’ is very different. To me, the term means far more than the vast panoply of endeavours and studies that range from black hole physics to DNA analysis, engineering and so on, all of which have created the technology we rely on to survive today. Science is really a philosophy of thinking, one that complements other philosophies, if we let…

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