Winter in the South


(DJ Cockburn [CC/Flickr])

“Winter just got damn cold,” said the Englishman.

“Ye big jessie,” said the Scotsman. “The temperature’s hardly in single figures. I cannae understand why the whole south grinds to a halt at the first sniff of snow.”

“That is not true,” said the Englishman. “There was snow only a couple of days ago. It stayed on the ground for at least half a day, and the buses and trains ran through all of it.”

“Call that snow? They didnae even get the gritters out. Where I come from, it’s snow and ice from November to February.”

“What, all the time?” asked the Englishman. “You must have glaciers on your roofs.”

“Well, maybe not all the time.  It might come and go. A bit. But what I’m saying is when it comes, it comes properly.”

“Hey guys.” The Canadian joined them. “How you doing?”

The Englishman and the Scotsman changed the subject.


The burning question

What region or nationality do you laugh at when the subject of the weather comes up?

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