Don’t Groan


(Lee [CC / Flickr])

Don’t groan.

It’s only a couple hours after work. Most of you spend that long on your commute, don’t you? You want taxis? No, you’ll still have to make your own way home. OK, forget I mentioned the commute.

We need to do the stocktake. The firm’s depending on us. You’re ready for the responsibility, and that’s not something we say lightly around here. Sometimes we have to do things for the firm and that stock won’t take itself. We can’t do it during the day because we’d have to shut down the company. We’d lose money. Can’t take the stock when it won’t keep still.

That was a joke.

What’s that? Overtime pay? You taking the Mick?

What’s with all those long faces? A bit of loyalty to the firm that pays our wages isn’t much to ask, is it? Yeah, alright, it won’t be paying your wages while you’re doing the stocktake but you know what I mean.

So why all the groaning?

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2 comments on “Don’t Groan
  1. Sometimes we have to do things for the firm and that stock won’t take itself. 《 All ties into the subservience we’re expected to adhere to.
    It also made me laugh inside because I used to stock take in two previous jobs.

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