Easter Bunnies


(Terry Madeley [CC / Flickr])

“Soon it will be Easter and there will be bunnies.”

Annabelle’s excitement didn’t move Thomas.

“I’m nine,” he said. “I’m too old for Easter bunnies.”

“I’m sure your mother will be delighted to hear it,” said Uncle Harold. “It will save her a fortune in chocolate.”

Thomas frowned. “Why?”

“Too old for Easter bunnies, too old for chocolate. It’s an Anglo-Saxon tradition.”

Thomas’s frown deepened in preparation for his next question.

Aunt Elizabeth spoke first. “If we’re going to talk about traditions, we should talk about the proper ones. Easter isn’t about bunnies and chocolate. It’s about how Jesus died for our sins.”

“Are they really?” asked Uncle Harold. “How did a pagan fertility symbol become about Jesus?”

“Oh Harold, must you? There are delicate ears in the room,” said Aunt Elizabeth.

Thomas spoke before Uncle Harold could answer.

“I never said I was too old for eggs. I can have the chocolate eggs and Annabelle can have the bunnies.”

“Just remember to thank Jesus for both of them,” said Aunt Elizabeth.

“I will,” said Thomas.

“Well done, Thomas,” said Uncle Harold. “You will go far.”

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