Monday Motivation: Doubt is a writer’s best friend

Do you know that feeling about how what you’re writing is just not good enough? Yeah, me too. Richard Beynon gives us a good reason to embrace that feeling.


28 MarchDoubt sits at the right hand of all writers. We spend a day at work, struggling with the challenge of translating our ideas into words on the page; struggling, too, with the perhaps more difficult task of identifying the specific emotions that we imagine our protagonist will experience; struggling to achieve a satisfying balance between the elements of character, plot, description.

And invariably, as we review what we’ve written, we feel that the perfect paragraph we’d sought to write has eluded us. I can’t track down the source of this idea – which seems to me undeniably true – but here’s its essence: Every writer starts off writing what he’s convinced is going to be a revelation, and is happy when it turns out not to be a cliché; it starts off, in his mind, as a glittering palace on a hill, shrinks during the course of composition until…

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2 comments on “Monday Motivation: Doubt is a writer’s best friend
  1. Disha says:

    Well, at least I’m not the only one

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