Jack Liberty’s Son

CoverA long publication drought has recently broken when Jack Liberty’s Son was published in Space and Time 125. Now I feel like an author again as well as a writer!

Many thanks to the editor, Hildy Silverman, for taking on Jack’s misadventures in Regency England. The magazine is available in hardcopy or ebook format, and it’s already been reviewed by SF Revu.

As ever, I’ve posted a preview and author notes on this site, and it’s on Goodreads.

the contents look as though it’s well worth a read:


The Sadly Only Mildly Dramatic Tale of Sijo Uthwen by Scott H. Andrews

The Pick-Up by Justin R. Lawfer

Adelio’s Window by James O’Brien

State of the Union by Michael Haynes

They Came Bearing Dangerous Gifts by Christine Lucas

Frank’s Head by Wess Worth

Xed by Robert Pritchard

The Sound of Breaking Glass by Thomas Broderick

Jack Liberty’s Son by DJ Cockburn


Singularity in a Jar by Christina Sng

Forgotten by Michelle Scalise

Outer Space by T.K. Lawrence

Me Time by Anthony Alan Brown

View from Above by Beth Cato

Eyes of Dust by G.O.Clark

Dryer by Kristin Kirby

The Yokai of Fukushima by Anshuman Reddy

Charon by Jacob Haddon

Haiku by Prof. Yunsheng Jiang


Editor’s Geeble by Hildy Silverman

Word Ninja by Linda D. Addison

Aliens Among Us by Daniel M. Kimmel

Odyssey Writing Workshop: An Epic Adventure in Learning by Stephen Euin Cobb

Review: The Kabrini Message by Sam Tomaino

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