Windblown Circumstance


(Andréa Portilla [CC / Flickr])

Windblown circumstance is the power that changes our lives. We may think we are the masters of our destiny but when circumstance wraps itself around us, it blots out the world. We re-emerge, convinced we fought our way back through our own strength and resourcefulness. It’s only when we see how different the world looks after our battle that we realise we never won the fight. Circumstance released us because it had finished with us and was looking for another plaything.

That’s what happened to me when a sheet swept over a hedge and wrapped itself around me. Windblown circumstance, I told myself as it covered my face. If you say I should have been concentrating on not falling enough my bicycle instead of indulging my philosophical impulse, you misunderstand the nature of circumstance. It had seized me in its grip. To fight would be to waste energy in a fight I could only lose.

The rip of the sheet caught in the wheels came before I did anything useful about it. The crash of bicycle hitting road drowned out the softer thump that was me.

I wrestled the sheet off me and spilled into daylight. I looked up to see an angel’s face, framed by clouds scudding across the sky. Brown eyes beamed compassion down to me. Brown hair frolicked in the wind that had thrown the sheet at me.

“Oh my god, are you OK?” Her voice was everything I’d expect from her face.

I hauled in a replacement for the breath the road had knocked out of my body. “I love you. Will you marry me?”

“Yeah, you’re OK.”

Her face receded, leaving nothing but grey clouds in a hurry to nowhere. I sat up and watched her walk away for a couple of minutes before I sighed and got back on my bike.

Sometimes, windblown circumstance changes our lives. Sometimes, it just hurts.

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2 comments on “Windblown Circumstance
  1. Good read. I like the literal meaning of the title and the way the character asks the girl to marry him as if it might happen.

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