Feeling Lucky


(Petr Dosek [CC / Flickr])

If I had a dream, it would start with this fifty pence piece. This one right here.

Heads or tails?

Heads? Let’s see…

And it’s tails.

You lose.

I keep it.

See, that’s where my dream starts. A little win like that. Then I’d walk into that pub over there and stick it into the slot machine. Now it might take a while, but I can live with that. The time I spend playing is the time I spend winning. I’d go on winning all the way up to the jackpot. All fifty quid of it.

Fifty quid from fifty pence.

Then I’d take my fifty quid across the road to that bookie and put the lot on the twenty-to-one in the next race.

Now it’s my dream, I’d win. Fifty quid at twenty to one. That’s a grand, that is. A whole fistful of readies.

Why don’t I start? What do you think I’ve been doing all day? Sticking coins in that machine, that’s what. That’s why this fifty pee is all I’ve got left.

Still, I won the toss, didn’t I? Perhaps that was my luck changing.

Can you hear that sound? That’s the pub slot machine singing to me.

See you later. I feel lucky.

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2 comments on “Feeling Lucky
  1. Been there. The gamblers fallacy, that luck will change any time soon.

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