Words Like Confetti


(Steven Depolo [CC / Flickr])

Rupert looked as though he’d been hoping for that question. “I love to write because words are like confetti to me. I throw them into the air and watch them rain bright colours on people passing by.”

He adopted a beatific expression. “Innit?”

Gareth and Jackie exchanged a look. The word ‘nutter’ hung in the air, visible to both of them but invisible to Rupert.

“That’s interesting,” said Jackie.

Rupert nodded as though he was used to people finding him interesting.

“I’ve never met anyone called Rupert who says ‘innit’ with an Oxbridge accent before.” said Gareth, ignoring the ‘behave’ look that Jackie directed at him.

Rupert’s brow creased, revealing that he knew he’d missed something but wasn’t sure what.

“So what do you write, Rupert?” asked Jackie.

“Whatever comes to mind,” said Rupert. “I don’t believe in letting categories interfere with my stream of consciousness. Emotion should be allowed to spill on to the page untempered and uninhibited. It takes courage to expose yourself so completely, but it’s the quintessence of being an artist.”

Gareth looked at Jackie again, but she was carefully not looking at him.

“Oh-kay.” Gareth drew the word out. “So what have you written?”

“Oh, well,” said Rupert. “Not that much. I can’t seem to find the motivation. But I know where to start.”


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