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Man on the Train

Step through the sliding doors and take a seat. Look round the tube carriage. See the cylinder full of tired people. They sit close enough to rub elbows, each inhabits the world they’ve built with their silent, distant gaze. They’ll

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Steel in the Morning is available in Paperback

Steel in the Morning, my collection of reprinted short stories, is now available in paperback. It’s the same as the version I released on Kindle a couple of years ago, plus Foreclosure which was yet to be published at the

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Fiction Review: Ten Days by Gillian Slovo

I spent most of 2011 in Malawi, and managed to time my arrival before two days of rioting swept across the country. I spent much of those two days assuring friends and family back in the UK that I was

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Light as a Pickpocket on a Gravel Path

Be as light as a pickpocket on a gravel path. He held the life coach’s words in his mind. They lit his way into the reception room like a torch in the darkness. Light, he reminded himself. I must be

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Inspirations: Are We Facing the Great Filter?

The Fermi Paradox asks why we appear to be the only technological species in a galaxy of hundreds of billions of stars. Robin Hanson proposed a ‘great filter’ that prevents life from developing further than we have. If it involves

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Monday Motivation: Sebastian Faulks on all the reasons not to write

Originally posted on Allaboutwriting:
I came across an amusing article in The Guardian by Sebastian Faulks, author of, among many other things, one of my favourite novels, Birdsong (which, by the by, contains one of the best sex scenes I’ve…

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Dark Watch

We watch your city of light from our city of darkness. You live your commercial, inconsequential, sometimes happy lives with no clue that we breathe the same air as you. We live for the moments when we see one of

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Recommended blog: Nerine Dorman on dealbreakers in the slush

Nerine Dorman is a professional editor who has spent a fair amount of time wading through slushpiles, so when she says filtering is a dealbreaker for her, I pay attention. I can’t reblog directly, so click the link above for

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Greater Minds: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s take on Melania Trump

Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie satirised Donald Trump in her short story, The Arrangements. Her perspective on Trump’s wife, Melania, pays homage to Virginia Woolf’s Mrs Dalloway. Both Mrs Dalloway and Adichie’s Melania struggle with unrealised lesbian desires. The title refers to

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Peppermint Tea in Electronic Limbo returns in hardcopy

Last week, my short story, Peppermint Tea in Electronic Limbo, was republished in Quickfic Anthology 2 in the Kindle store. If you’re like me and prefer cellulose to fluttering electrons, Amazon has now made it available as a hardcopy on

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