Peppermint Tea in Electronic Limbo returns

QuickFicCoverThe kind people at Digital Fiction have posted the full text of Peppermint Tea in Electronic Limbo, and included it in the Quickfic Anthology 2 of stories below 3,500 words. It was first published a couple of years ago in the Qualia Nous anthology, giving me the honour of sharing pages with a veritable who’s who of horror writers headed by the king himself. Yes, that’s the Stephen King.

This time, it shares space with authors from across the science fiction, fantasy and horror genres. Of all my stories, Peppermint Tea has been published in the most distinguished company. Whether it deserves that accolade or not is for you to decide.

Many thanks to Michael Wills at Digital Fiction for taking it on, and to my fellow authors:

Kolin Gates

Liam Hogan

Lisa Finch

Ken MacGregor

Karin Fuller

Jamie Gilman Kress

Jason Lairamore

Jon Gauthier

M.J. Sydney

Nick Nafpliotis

Tanya Bryan

Tara Calaby

Wendy Nikel

Suzie Lockhart

Stewart C. Baker

Pedro Iniguez

Preston Dennett

S.C. Hayden

Ian Whates

Holly Schofield

Chuck Rothman

David M. Hoenig

Deborah Walker

C.M. Saunders

Bruce Lockhart 2nd

Alex Shvartsman

Amy Sisson

Brenda Anderson

Desmond Warzel

Gregg Chamberlain

H.A. Titus

H.L. Fullerton

Fred Waiss

Eddie D. Moore

Doree Weller

E.E. King

Aeryn Rudel

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