Monday Motivation: Sebastian Faulks on all the reasons not to write

Richard Beynon reassures us by showing even Sebastian Faulks succumbs to procrastination now and again. The article he’s referring to is:


18 July.JPGI came across an amusing article in The Guardian by Sebastian Faulks, author of, among many other things, one of my favourite novels, Birdsong (which, by the by, contains one of the best sex scenes I’ve ever read.)

Faulks is by now a celebrity, largely as a result of Birdsong. He’s invited to sit on panels at literary festivals, contribute articles (such as the one that inspired this piece), and in other ways play the part of a literary lion for an adoring public.

Do we envy him his fame? Well, the opening sentence of his confessional suggests that pity might be the more appropriate response:

“I don’t have time to write. There are too many emails to answer, too many tax and VAT issues to be sorted out and too many events at festivals, bookshops and conferences. There is cricket and tennis to be played, world wars to…

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