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Greater Minds: George RR Martin interviews Stephen King

George RR Martin interviewed Stephen King in Albuquerque. Their early influences, particularly HP Lovecraft and Edgar Allan Poe. Stephen King submitted his first story at 12 and got his first acceptance at 19. They both believe that true evil is

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You Know, Anyone

“Could you keep an eye on my stuff?” Phyllis looked up from her book. The man at the next table was waving at his laptop. “Sure,” said Phyllis. They were in a West London Starbucks. It wasn’t as if she’d

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Mars One

Mars One was published at Grievous Angel yesterday! This is my first flash fiction to be published anywhere but here, so it’s something new for me. Another one will be out soon and I have a few more looking for

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Inspirations: Celebrating the bicentennial monster in the Infinite Monkey Cage

This year is the bicentennial of the first draft of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley. She wrote the first draft at eighteen, as a guest in Lord Byron’s villa in Switzerland. She had spent her childhood surrounded by writers and scientists.

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Lost Luggage

“Months and days are eternal travellers,” said the woman behind the desk. Bob leaned closer to read her name badge. “That may be true up to a point, Hannah. Or at least for a few billion years until the sun

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Non-fiction Review: The Spy Who Loved by Clare Mulley

A schoolgirl wanted to know how saintly the school’s priest was. When this schoolgirl wanted to know something, she didn’t stop wanting to know until she found out. It transpired that the priest wasn’t up to the standards of the

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Mopane Seed

The tree she planted was a mopane. No one told her mopanes don’t grow in back gardens in Dunblane. She watched the morning frosts go from daily to weekly and vanished altogether, and as the rain pivoted from the horizontal

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Inspirations: The Duchess of Newcastle transported England to The Blazing World

Margaret Cavendish, Duchess of Newcastle, published The Blazing World in 1666. It told the story of a lady transported to a strange world where she was made empress. Margaret was a theoretician who used the novel to satirise the experimentalists

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Conflict Resolution

“Excellent work, girls.” I was already on my feet to take it to the director. “It was my idea,” said Annabelle. “Make sure you tell himself that, won’t you?” Looking down to where she was sitting gave me a good

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Greater Minds: Niall Ferguson and Jane Smiley fight over history

Two historians and a novelist argued about the roles of historian and historical novelist. Niall Ferguson argued that a novelist projects their own view on to past events. Jane Smiley argued that historical fiction and non-fiction are both constructs of

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