Flight of the Silkworm

flight-of-the-silkworm-001Flight of the Silkworm is airborne at Solstice Publishing! This is my first novella and my longest published piece to date. It was also one of the most fun to write. It’s the story of Persia, a centurion of an elite band of paragliding mercenaries who finds her long experience as an airborne warrior isn’t much help when she’s sent on a diplomatic mission as an envoy.

There’s a preview in the link below.

At the moment, it’s only in Kindle format but a paperback version should be available soon.

Many thanks to the editors at Solstice Publishing, KC Sprayberry and Chrystal Vaughan.

Flight of the Silkworm in the Kindle store

Flight of the Silkworm at Solstice Publishing

Author notes


Flight of the Silkworm at Goodreads

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2 comments on “Flight of the Silkworm
  1. vfogg says:

    Oh my goodness, this looks like so much fun! Adding this to my TBR list and hoping to get the paperback soon!

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