Midnight Deed


(Chris Fifield-Smith [CC / Flickr])

It was midnight when I decided what had to be done. It wasn’t a daytime decision. The day is the time for forbearance and forgiveness and all those things we do in case someone is watching.

The night sets us free.

Darkness allows us to contemplate the things we dare not contemplate in daylight, in case our faces betray us. The things we really want to do.

In daylight, I’d have rocked up to his front door, pressed his doorbell and let the whole street watch me pretend I was sorry to bother him and ask so politely that he’d have no trouble saying no.

At midnight, the street could watch all it liked but no one saw me except the fox I startled by climbing over his fence. No one but that fox saw me dash across his back garden and prise open his kitchen window, and one creature of the night doesn’t judge another.

At midnight, I wouldn’t be apologising to anyone.

At midnight, I would do what needed to get done.

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