Special Relativity


(paula soler-moya [CC / Flickr])

I’m trying to learn how I journey in the world, and how the world journeys in the universe. I always understood the where. It’s the how I’m trying to get my thick head around. When all I knew was Newton’s stuff about equal and opposite reactions, it seemed straightforward enough. I start here, I add a bit of energy and I go there.


Then I read a book.

Dangerous things, books.

They take everything you thought you knew, chuck it through the cat flap and tell you something else altogether.

Now this book tells me that there and here are relative, which is bad enough, but so are then and now. So there was then and here is now, but does that mean it’s all happening at the same time in different places? Or is it different times in the same place?

I can’t keep it straight. But then straight is curved because the world is big enough to affect all the theres and thens and nows and heres like that.

Or something.

Now I’m going to get drunk to stop my head spinning.

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