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The Caresaway Kindle Countdown

Caresaway is on a Kindle countdown for the next couple of days so grab it if you’d like to read a novelette about what happens when a psychopath reaches a position of great power. I promise you that it’s fiction

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Martha’s Beginnings

Martha’s fingers brushed Malcolm’s as he handed her the glass of wine. He dared to hope she’d done it deliberately. “I love beginnings,” said Martha. “I love the feeling that I’m standing at a point in my life where anything

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Greater Minds: Richard Feynman on the value of doubt

Richard Feynman’s essay, The Value of Science, described a philosophy of ignorance. The scientific mindset is excited by ignorance as an opportunity for discovery. The opposing demagogic mindset denies the existence of ignorance and claims certainty. We all use the

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Men of the Road

One foot in front of the other. Then the other. And the other. Ahead of the man, the road reached straight ahead to the horizon. Behind the man, a straight line of footprints in the dust bore testament to his

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Fiction Review: Get Shorty by Elmore Leonard

When Elmore Leonard wrote his ten rules of writing, he opened with: Never open a book with weather. Yet eleven years earlier, he had opened one of his better-known novels with: When Chili first came to Miami Beach twelve years

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Walking Home

It’s good to be walking home. Good to feel the crush of snow beneath my feet and the muscular burn of movement beneath a jacket that, I must admit, is a little thin for February.   It feels almost as

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Greater minds: John Joseph Adams on the art of short fiction titling

Prolific editor John Joseph Adams wrote his thoughts on what makes a good title. Short stories need longer titles than novels, as they stand without cover art. The best titles hook attention with tension. Other approaches are to use slang

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I open the shutters and let the night in. Night knows me. Night is my friend. The night hides me and for the few hours we live in its hemisphere, the night allows me to be me. I open the

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Inspirations: Apocalypse at the touch of a button

Shuntaro Hida has been an anti-nuclear advocate since seeing Hiroshima destroyed. Modern nuclear weapons are orders of magnitude more powerful than the Hiroshima bomb. Carl Sagan, Richard Turco and colleagues described nuclear winter in 1983. A small percentage of the

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