The Casual Conjurings of Perchance to Dream

CoverCasualConjuringsWhat would happen if a Second World War Spitfire pilot found himself in the ancient Greek underworld? That was the starting point for Perchance to Dream, which became my first published short story. That was longer ago than I care to remember now, but it remains a story I remember with particular fondness, so I’m delighted to say that it’s been given a new lease of life in the Casual Conjurings anthology published by Digital Fiction Pub. Not only that, but they’ve also republished Perchance to Dream as a standalone.

Many thanks to Michael Wills at Digital Fiction Pub for taking it on. There are Goodreads pages for both Perchance to Dream and Casual Conjurings, and I’ve posted a preview and author’s notes for Perchance to Dream on this site.
As so often happens, I’m honoured to share pages with such accomplished authors. The table of contents is:

Bitter Water by Julia August

CoverPerchance to Dream by DJ Cockburn

Rindelstein’s Monsters by David Tallerman

Songs for the Lost by Brian Rappatta

That Which is Hidden by Julie Frost

Lost in the Tarnished Cube by Thomas K. Carpenter

The Grammarians’ Grimoire by E.E. King

Salt and Sand by Kate O’Connor

What Now, Callisthenes by Christine Lucas

The Most Remarkable Experimental Filmmaker the World Has Ever Known by J.J. Steinfeld

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