The Unexpected


(Tom Waterhouse [CC / Flickr])

“Something a tad unexpected happened to me on the way to the office,” I said.

“Unexpected?” Sandra’s eyes were wide. “Your sleeve’s hanging off your suit, your toes are poking out of your shoe and you’re meeting the clients in ten minutes.”

My secretary has a knack for summarising a situation.

“Yes,” I said. “Well, the clients were expected so I didn’t mean them.”

Sandra rolled her eyes. “Give me your shoe. And your jacket.”

I had the shoe off before it occurred to me to ask why.

“Because I keep a tube of superglue in my desk,” she said. “And because if you get fired, I’ll end up working for Gordon Wanderhands down the corridor. So give me your jacket, and you’d better retie your tie while I’m at it.”

“Right-ho,” I said. “Who’s Gordon Wanderhands? Surely you mean Gordon Watson – oh, is that his nickname?”

“You didn’t hear it from me,” said Sandra who was bent over my wounded shoe.

“Why d’you call him that?” I asked.

She looked up. “Tellme again how you were made a partner.”

I thought about it.

“Unexpectedly,” I said.

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