A Picnic Without Honey


(DJ Cockburn [CC / Flickr])

“I blame the weather,” said Frank.

“You would,” said Daisy. “You work for Bayer.”

“Guys, we’re supposed to be taking a break,” said Samatha. “The idea of having this picnic is to get to know each other in a non-confrontational setting, remember? And we’ve got Nutella for the sandwiches.”

“I like honey,” said Daisy.

“Well I tried three places and none of them have any, so you’ll have to make do with Nutella.” Samantha handed the jar to Daisy.

Daisy didn’t take it.

Samantha returned to the basket and pulled out another jar. “Or marmalade.”

She paused long enough to be sure Daisy wasn’t going to react, and returned to the basket. “Or chutney. Or peanut butter. And we’re going to be nice to each other.”

“All right, I’ll have the chutney,” said Daisy. “But it’s not because of the weather. The sun is shining like it does every summer, but listen.”

The silence dragged on until Frank said, “go ahead. I’m listening.”

“Not to me,” said Daisy. “To the sky. The silent sky that should be buzzing with bees.”

“They’ll be back,” said Frank. “Another week of sun and they’ll be waking up. In fact…listen…there’s one now.”

“That’s a wasp.” Samantha dived for the picnic basket. “Quick, cover the Nutella.”


Inspired by the controversy over neonicotinoid pesticides.

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