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Apocalypse Selfies

Ted squinted into the sky. “The sky’s gone yellow. That’s not right.” Brian and Melanie looked upward. “I need a selfie.” Ted held his phone at the level of his waist and looked back at his image with a frown

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If he hadn’t been wearing a mask, I wouldn’t have known him. The grinning clown covered whatever changes had been wrought by thirty years and a good reason not to be recognised. In a room full of people with masks,

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A Sort of Waiter

My story’s long and you’ve heard it before, so I’ll only tell you the first part. It started at the moment I’d been longing for and dreading at the same time. The moment when the head waiter turned to me

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Fiction Review: Rogue Male by Geoffrey Household

I distrust patriotism; the reasonable man can find little in these days that is worth dying for. But dying against – there’s enough iniquity in Europe to carry the most urbane or decadent into battle. No, that’s not a Brexit

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Spirit of Halloween

Martin came home to find Dora surrounded by discarded fancy dress costumes. She spoke before he thought of the right comment. “I was beginning to wonder where you were, darling.” “Usual rubbish at the office.” Martin slumped into the armchair,

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