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A Man Called Clarence

The Home was where Clarence got his name. That would have been reason enough to go back by itself, even if there hadn’t been so many others. He stood on the broken tarmac that had once been a driveway, looking

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Non-fiction Review: I Contain Multitudes by Ed Yong

When a first chapter persuades me I’m wrong about something, I know reading the book was a good decision. In the case of I Contain Multitudes, that first chapter debunked a ‘fact’ I’ve used in lectures: that the human body

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A Bouquet of Socks

Laura didn’t look up from her screen until she heard the words, ‘delivery for Laura Smith’. Closing Facebook was a reflex she’d honed so well that Shari had shared her office for two years without ever knowing how much time

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Exorcising Honesty

Here’s what’s been holding you all back: that demon called honesty. You spent your whole life being told it’s a virtue, so now it’s time to face the truth. We’re gonna put truth in this chair, right here on this

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