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Cyril’s Wife’s Nap

Cyril’s patience ran out in the fourth hour. He shuffled up to his garden fence, swinging his stick in front of him as if clearing non-existent weeds out of his way. “I say there,” he bellowed into the swirl of

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Cal in Love

Julia wanted to know why my brother wouldn’t be coming to our wedding. “Because he won’t leave the Institute of Immersion”, I said. “Not for one day?” She didn’t get it. I couldn’t blame her. I didn’t get it either.

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Last Refuge

This place is mine. From the motes of dust dancing in the light of the cracked windows to the doors hanging from their hinges to the yellowing tiles that once surrounded the x-ray machine, it’s all mine. It’s been mine

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Jack Liberty’s Son is in the Heinous Concoction

It started in front of the Old Bailey. I stood on the flagstone pavement, surrounded by lawyers grabbing coffee from the street cafes. I imagined what I’d have been looking at if I’d stood there two hundred years earlier, when

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Ross’s Office Party

Philip knew it was going to be a bad evening when Cally handed him a gold-trimmed paper crown with the company name printed on it. He studied her face but saw nothing behind her dazzling smile. No recognition that having

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