Jack Liberty’s Son is in the Heinous Concoction

HeinousConcoctionsCoverIt started in front of the Old Bailey. I stood on the flagstone pavement, surrounded by lawyers grabbing coffee from the street cafes. I imagined what I’d have been looking at if I’d stood there two hundred years earlier, when the notorious Newgate Prison stood where Lady Justice now stands atop the Central Criminal Court. The street on which, every Monday, the ‘new drop’ gallows was hauled to edify crowds that sometimes numbered over ten thousand with the spectacle of twenty miscreants being hanged at once. At a time when petty theft was a capital offence, there was never any shortage of miscreants to instruct the masses.

That was the view I gave Jack Liberty at the beginning of Jack Liberty’s Son, which was first published in Space and Time a couple of years ago. Now Jack has a new home in the Heinous Concoction anthology published by Digital Fiction.

I’ve placed a preview and author’s notes to Jack Liberty’s Son on this site, and Heinous Concoctions has its own Goodreads page.

Many thanks to Michael Wills for putting it all together. Heinous Concoctions is currently available on Kindle for a mere 99c (or local equivalent), and is filled with stories by authors who I’m honoured to be published with:

Adramelech by Sean Patrick Hazlett

Murder of Crows by Thomas Kleaton

Angelic by Jay Caselberg

Into Shadow by Stephen Antczak

A Clown of Thorns by Ken MacGregor

Best Friends by Tina Rath

Homeless Zombies by Vincent L. Scarsella

Dreams of Love and Darkness by Gerri Leen

Twitcher by David Tallerman

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