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The Director’s Long Shout

The first thirty seconds of filming went perfectly. The camera tracked the carriage down the lane until the plywood façade masquerading as divisional headquarters, edged into the frame. It all went wrong when the two redcoated sentries snapped to attention.

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The Prisoner’s Prawns

The prisoner rubbed his hands. “I’m looking forward to this.” The warder nodded politely. “I’ve been eating your swill for weeks. Time I had a change and by God, I’m going to enjoy it.” “Quite”, the warder agreed. The prisoner

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Titanic Memories

Jack Johnson implored everyone in the café to spare a dime, but Caroline’s pen didn’t stop moving. It didn’t touch the varnished table while the Eagles accused her lyin’ eyes and if it paused while Caroline explained a particularly difficult

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On a Stationary Train

The train had been stationary for twenty minutes when the woman across the table from Jeremy said, “It’s the first day of spring today.” Jeremy looked up from his iPhone 7. “First of March,” she said. “Happy first day of

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