Look Past Me


(Jamie Henderson [CC / Flickr])

Look at me.

No, look at me. Not past me. Focus your eyes on my face. See me instead of what you think you know about me.

Just for one moment, forget the voice in your head that’s telling you what I am. It will take courage. If you allow your gaze to linger on me for a mere moment more, I’ll be an individual to you. Not part of some amorphous mass that you sneer at with others like you. I won’t be the what that you assume me to be. I’ll be the who that I am.

I’ll be a person.

Are you afraid yet?

You should be. Because you need me to be a what, not a who.

Oh yes, that frightens you. You’re looking away already. You’re closing your mind to what I’m saying and filling it with what you think you know about me. What it’s comforting to know about me. What you need to know about me instead of what you’re in danger of learning about me.

Walk away now. Don’t look back. Take a few moments to purge your mind of any thoughts I may have infected your certainty with. Make sure that when you come back, you’re filled with the courage of conviction.

You always come back.

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