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Filtered Alice

Nigel knew he’d regret coming before Alice opened the door to her flat. She let him in without a word and led him into her kitchen. “It’s in the bin,” she said. “What is?” asked Nigel. “Me.” Nigel looked at

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Ian Chooses a Train

Ian ran down the stairs to the platform so fast he nearly fell on his face. The indicators on the concourse had told him he had two minutes to go before the train departed from platform… damn. Was it platform

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Planning Permission

Mr Harrison welcomed Tim into his house and had him sat down with a cup of tea and a custard cream before Tim could get his recorder out, let alone ask a question. “I’m really glad your paper decided to

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Fiction Review: The Reopened Cask by Richard Zwicker

My quest to read more of the type of short stories I write continues with Rich Zwicker’s latest collection, The Reopened Cask. The cask in question is the cask that was, at least at the beginning of Edgar Allen Poe’s

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A Shilling for a Copper

Graham was supposed to walk beside Bill, but somehow he was always half a pace behind. A brand new copper was ranked far behind a constable with twelve years on the job in his actions, so it felt right even

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Informing the Customers

Stanley knew it wasn’t going to go well when he was summoned to George’s office without being offered tea. George grunted, which Stanley took as an instruction to sit down, lowering his eyes to the level of George’s glare. Stanley

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