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The First Rung of the Ladder

You need to open your eyes to climb the ladder. Go on, have a look around. I said open your eyes. That’s it. Good start. You’re looking at the top and now you can actually see it. Eyes on your

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Fiction Review: The Suicide Club by Rachel Heng

The two people ahead of me in the queue agreed they wouldn’t want to live forever. “What if your choice was to live forever or die tomorrow?” I asked. Neither of them had an answer for that. Neither did I,

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Dr Inspiration’s Cruise

Samantha made sure she was the last to enter the auditorium and slipped into a seat at the back. A few people were still working their way to seats on the rows further forward, hand over hand along the seat

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Prime Minister Johnson

“I have the briefing on the North Korea situation here, Prime Minister,” said Janet to the back of his head. The Prime Minister didn’t look around. “Not now, Beth. Can’t you see I’m having my hair done?” “Yes, Prime Minister,

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Life Sentence

The young man drank off another cup of wine. The man with the grey beard gave him a look that the younger man had known his whole life. The look that said indulgence could be allowed to go so far,

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