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Another Man’s Picture Frames

A slight break from normality in this week’s Hooptedoodle: Steve Oliver at The Dark City Mystery Magazine has been kind enough to publish Another Man’s Picture Frames where it enjoys the company of four other noirish tales in volume 4

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A Gun at a Knife Fight

Ryan was just beginning to appreciate his second beer when Jared said, “I got something to show you,” pulled a gun from under his jacket and held it under the table. “Look at it. Just look at it.” “Jesus!” Ryan

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The Listening Spider

Tuesday evening was when Sharon killed her husband. Wednesday evening was when she found herself talking to a spider for the first time. “The one has nothing to do with the other,” she told the spider, which was skulking under

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The Millionaire Beggar

Fred should have known better than to get into a political discussion with Bill. He still wasn’t sure how their cross-cubicle conversation had led to Bill saying he’d show him something if they went to the café opposite Morrisons after

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Non-fiction Review: The Road to En-Dor by EH Jones

It started as a joke. It became an extraordinary trial of physical and psychological endurance. It’s not hard to imagine the tedium of a group of energetic young men confined in a prisoner-of-war camp, and the lengths they might go

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