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Diminuendo in Three Letters

I thrill to music I’ve never heard before. That’s the beginning of this week’s hooptedoodle. The rest of it is over on the website of Constellatory Tales, who have published Diminuendo in Three letters in full. Many thanks are due

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Tough Old Game

Meeting a writers’ group was always like sticking her hand in a lucky dip. The commissioning editor never knew what to expect. She cast her eye around the table of earnest faces of which only a couple looked over thirty

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Voice on the London Underground

You walk home from the station? Twenty five minutes? That’s…wow. Well, I used to do that sort of thing. Of course. Didn’t used to be so, well, like this. Used to go to the gym every day. Well, maybe a

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The Bailiffs’ Bet

ete gave the cottage a once over while Gerry parked the car. It looked like the last man to paint it had been paid in shillings and the front garden was halfway to being a jungle, but at least the

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