Arctic Adagio sets sail

Arctic Adagio coverHow do you catch a murderer when your suspects own the law?

Superintendent Rex Harme’s job is to protect the super-rich from pirates and anarchists. It’s not his job to investigate them. If they cared to be investigated, they wouldn’t be living on a luxury cruise ship that accepts no national jurisdiction

But when one of the super-rich is thrown into the Arctic Ocean, Harme will need to remember the detective he used to be because someone is going to pay for that murder.

Whether or not it’s the right person depends on whether Harme can beat the clock he isn’t supposed to know is ticking.

If any or all of that catches your attention, you might like to see whether Harme can beat that clock or not in my latest novelette, Arctic Adagio which is available as an ebook from Amazon.

There’s a preview and some author notes on this site, and it’s open to messages of love and hate on Goodreads.

With many thanks to Melanie Nelson of Annorlunda Books for taking it on and sending it out in the world, and to Nerine Dorman whose editing saved me from showing my embarrassing mistakes in public and also for designing the cover.

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2 comments on “Arctic Adagio sets sail
  1. Congratulations!! Will definitely check it out.

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