Your Mood in the Sea


(Kai C. Schwarzer [CC / Flickr])

When I want to know whether it’s one of your happy days or one of your sad days, I stand at the window and watch the sea. It’s safer than watching you.

With my back to our home, the sea interprets the sound of you moving around the house.

Last time you were happy, the slate-grey sky hurled spray against the cliffs with hurricane-force cheerfulness, blowing away the weight that pressed on my shoulders.

I remember that day as I hear the muttered curse from the next room. Perhaps your phone is taking an extra couple of seconds to switch apps or perhaps I you had to look for your tea mug because I’ve yet to unload the dishwasher since I ran it last night.

I see your mood the brooding rage of the lone white cloud in the azure sky, glowering down at the yachts prowling the ominously flat sea. I feel it in the clench of my stomach muscles as I rack my brains for something I might say or do to divert the storm the sea is warning me will come but I know I may as well try to alter the mood of the ocean itself.

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3 comments on “Your Mood in the Sea
  1. David Davis says:

    Not a very good situation to be in.

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