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Prime Minister Johnson

“I have the briefing on the North Korea situation here, Prime Minister,” said Janet to the back of his head. The Prime Minister didn’t look around. “Not now, Beth. Can’t you see I’m having my hair done?” “Yes, Prime Minister,

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Jack Under the Table

A man walked into the room, closed the green door and pressed his back to it. His eyes darted to the window on the wall to his left, then to the window on the other side of the room, then

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Arctic Adagio is on NetGalley

My recently published novelette is on NetGalley all month, available to download for anyone who would like to review it. If that’s you, just click, register and download. I’ll appreciate any or all honest reviews. Much as I’d like you

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For Want of an Acerbic Metaphor

This morning’s breakfast was buttered toast, coffee with milk and three sugars and sour grapes. The coffee and toast came from my kitchen. The sour grapes came from skimming the arts pages of the Telegraph on my tablet. They splashed

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Six O’Clock Shuffle

The train doors slid open, inviting Zack to his first mistake.  He tried to get on the train.  What else was he supposed to do when a train opened its doors? A torrent of humanity poured out.  He’d thought he’d

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