Do You Remember the Bluebells?


(Mitchell Diatz [CC / Flickr])

This month, our favourite place is full of flowers.

Yes, that’s right, they’re dandelions. Clever girl.

Do you remember last year, when there were bluebells as well? No? Well, a year’s a longer time for you than for me. Long enough to forget that we didn’t always see our favourite place through a fence. Sometimes I envy you that.

It’s a pity to forget about bluebells, but perhaps they’ll come up in the next few days. It would be nice to be able to look at blue as well as yellow, wouldn’t it?

Oh, you remember the puddles? That was only a couple of weeks ago. But you didn’t have to press your face against the fence to see them, did you? They were all around us. That’s right, you jumped in them. Because there wasn’t already enough mud to cover everything, was there?

At least we didn’t get straight out of bed and into a puddle like some of our neighbours did.

Now the puddles are gone, but there are no flowers to take their place. They’re all in our favourite place. The place we came from and who knows, maybe it’s the place where we will be before the flowers come up again next year.

Do you remember what we call our favourite place?

That’s right.

We call it outside.

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