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High Invisibility

Brona expected the people getting off the 1812 from London Bridge to be frowning. Frowns were the one obligatory part of the rush hour uniform, matching a toolbox and a paint-stained track suit as well as they matched a Savile

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Blast from the Past: The Endocrine Tyranny

In a change from Saturday’s usual hooptedoodles, it feels like a good day to remember an old story. I remember writing The Endocrine Tyranny in Cape Town’s Obz Café, trying to conjure the brutalist architecture of the English Midlands, so

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Fried Nostalgia for Breakfast

  The trouble with having guests staying overnight was that they tried to thank Tom by making him breakfast. It took all his restraint not to manhandle them the pair of them into the living room and just when he

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Shooting the Deserving

Hooper looked down at the man he’d shot four hours earlier. Handcuffed to a hospital bed with his right shoulder encased in plaster, he didn’t recognise the man who had tried to shoot the prime minister. The blue eyes that

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