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How to Stand Out in a Kaleidoscope World

Frank flicked his left and right. None of the shop assistants were watching. He sidled into the Self Help section, eased the book off the shelf and turned it round so that instead of being one spine lost among hundreds

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The Blue of Your Shirt

Team meetings were for dozing through. Colin was vaguely aware of targets and achievements being discussed and a new intern being introduced, but no one called on him to say anything. That was enough to put it in the top

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The Punchline is Macchiato

I admit that I may have been lonely. If I hadn’t been, I’d probably have reacted to a well-coiffed man shoving a microphone under my nose by mumbling something and ducking into the nearest Starbucks to buy a coffee I

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Fiction Review: You Beneath Your Skin by Damyanti Biswas

If nobody who has influence thinks it’s worth using it for you, what’s to stop them using you? The answer, it appears when the New Delhi police find the body of a raped and mutilated woman, is nothing at all.

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Correlation for the Minister

Piers was on his way to the minister’s office when Margaret stopped him. “You’re looking very pleased with yourself”, she said. “Am I?” Piers hoped he’d get over feeling intimidated by Margaret when he’d been in Whitehall a little longer

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